Are You Active Duty Military or a Veteran

Packard Partners is a family business and the Military and Veterans are very important to us.  Kathleen served in the Coast Guard, and Bill served in the US Navy Seabees.  Son Jesse is an Officer in the Navy serving on a ship stationed in Norfolk, VA. and daughter Tera is always there for all of us.

To show our appreciation for your service, we’ve arranged for special rental pricing for Veterans and Active Duty Military.

 We are a co-branded location so this pricing only available on Avis rentals.  How do you get the discount? 

There are a couple of ways.  You can call us at 207-594-2691 7 days a week between 8:30 am and 5:00 pm with your rental needs and we’ll make the reservation for you applying the discount

 You can also go online to and make your reservation.  Do not prepay as we cannot change anything on a prepay.

  After you have made your reservation, give us a call at 207-594-2691 7 days a week between 8:30 am and 5:00 pm.  We’ll look up your reservation and apply the discount.

Either way when you arrive for the rental, just show your DD214 or other Veteran ID or your Military ID and we’ll process the rental at the reduced price.
Most seasoned travelers are pretty savvy when it comes to renting a car, but for those that only rent occasionally or perhaps never before, here are some things to keep in mind when you decide to rent temporary transportation.

The rental company is letting you drive away in a vehicle that is probably worth somewhere between $20,000 and $40,000.  Perhaps more.  While your rental may only be a few hundred dollars, the value of the vehicle is your responsibility.  That’s why we ask about coverage and why there are strict guidelines that local agents can’t bypass in order for you to rent.

Know for sure if your're really protected

  • Is there a deductible?  If so, How Much?

  • Is your protection primary-meaning it pays first?

  • Does your protection apply to all car classes offered by a rental company?

  • Will your premium be increased if a claim is filed?

  • Does your pretection apply even if another authorized driver is involved in the incident?

  • Does your protection have any  limits on what it will pay?
. Debit cards are great, but if you have $200 in your account and the rental is $150, it probably won’t go through. 

Sometimes if you have $15,000 in your account it won’t go through depending on your credit rating.

Believe me, I want to rent you that car.  That’s my business, and I hate it when the screen says, “Do not rent.  Refer to Equifax.”  There’s nothing I can do.  I will speak to this in greater detail on the blog page.  We’ll try a Debit card, but  there is a real possibility that you won’t be able to rent.
When you’re online booking a car, the pay now option is always less expensive.  Think about it. The company has your money in advance so it’s likely that you will show up to rent and even if you don’t they still have the money. 

If your travel plans are set in stone by all means take advantage of the savings of prepay.

Understand that if your plans change, the counter person cannot do anything to change your reservation. 

Arriving a day late could mean that you lose a day of rental. 

Leaving early can mean the same thing. 

If you’re not 100% certain of your rental needs, pay a little extra or call us and let us help you make your reservation.

Unless you prepay, we don’t take any credit card information at the time of reservation, but please have some consideration for the other person. 

If your plans change and you don’t need the car, contact the rental agency so they can make that vehicle available to someone else.

Along the same line, after your have the car out on rental, if you’re going to be keeping it longer than you booked, be courteous enough to make a call so the rental agent can make a substitute or contact the person planning to rent after you.